Video Comparer 1.07.010 Free Download New Version

Video Comparer 1.07.010 Free Download New Version

Video Comparer 1.07.010 Free Download is a powerful piece of software that can assist you in identifying duplicate videos that are stored on the hard disk.

It’s useful if uncertain whether you have videos on your computer, and you’re looking to increase the storage space on your hard drive to the maximum extent feasible.

Simple GUI and easy filtering

It is easy to access every location on your computer using the simple interface of this program. It lets you apply filters and find the files you’re looking for and also search for files and folders saved on your computer like a professional.

You can specify your search to just the most minute particulars. There are three primary scanning modes you can choose from: quick, standard, and full. The quick scan can complete the scan faster, and the full scan can be longer depending on the filters you select to use for your scan.

Video Comparer 1.07.010 Crack will also search the hidden files and clean caches, and will then automatically pick duplicates, and then delete them.

After that, you can apply a variety of filters to determine which files are deleted first. You can choose to delete only the videos of low quality or videos that are shorter or the longest ones or even.

There are other features including defining your backup directory, deciding on the size of your image as well as enabling an account login. You can also sort files by nature (3GP, AVI, ASF, ASX, WMV, VOB, XVID MP4 or MPEG).

Rapid and Reliable Performance

The majority of tests and tasks we’ve carried out were completed in a short time in comparison to other scanners of the same nature. However, the speed of scanning will greatly depend on the depth of a search you want and what filters you pick for the search.

After Video Comparer 1.07.010 Crack Download has finished the scanning process, it will display the duplicate files in the search. It will also give you additional information regarding the files, including their name, size path, group size, and sequence of images.

From there, you may decide to remove the files, move them to the recycle bin, or transfer them to the backup folder that you previously specified.

With a user-friendly and simple interface, you can carry everything out quickly. It’s got a simple interface that allows you to open the desired files instantly and choose the folders you wish to scan as well as documents that require scanning.


Video Comparer 1.07.010 Free Download is a crucial utility software if you’ve several video-related files stored on your computer and you’re unsure of which ones are necessary and which ones aren’t.

It will analyze your computer thoroughly and will inform you what files are duplicates and which ones aren’t, which can save you lots of space and storage on your computer over the long term.

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Technical details

  • Latest version: Video Comparer 1.07.010
  • File name: VideoComparer_Win32_1.07.010.exe
  • MD5 checksum: CB4B25A6AD55FBA67CA91A44F1B68A75
  • File size: 13.32 MB
  • License: Demo
  • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
  • Author: Eric Bohain

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Video Comparer 1.07.010 Free Download New Version

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