Quick Access Popup 11.5.10 Free Download New Version

Quick Access Popup 11.5.10 Free Download New Version

If you’re wasting lots of time on your computer, there’s a great solution to solve that. Maybe you’re always using the same web browser several times during the day, that’s why an automated tool that can make shortcuts would come in helpful. That’s precisely the function the Quick Access Popup 11.5.10 Free Download can do.

The program lets you build your own customized menu using the most popular and often-used destinations. They are saved as shortcuts within this menu and will make it easier for users to get them immediately.

Enhance Your Workflow

It’s possible that you don’t even realize that you’re spending hours a week browsing through your computer, and locating files using the computer’s interface. What if there were a method of becoming more productive, and accessing the files with just one mouse click?

It’s true, Quick Access Popup 11.5.10 Crack is a great method to accomplish this. You can make your own shortcuts and then add them to the menu you made with this program. This is all done in the configuration section of the application.

Each user will be provided with a personal menu, with items arranged to meet their specific needs.

Easy Navigation

Finding what you’re searching for is simple once you’ve set it all up. You can also include folders in the menu as well as various other kinds of files or locations. All of the items can be rearranged and you are able to alter the order in the menu by only one click. You can alter the names of files and folders and create separate lines for greater visibility.

To launch a newly created menu, just click the mouse’s middle button in the dialog boxes. After that, you will be able to access your preferred places directly from the menu. You can also discover new options and then add them to the list with only a single click.

Naturally, you may also include certain of the most frequently used directories which generally present themselves in menus.

These directories comprise Desktop, My Computer, Network, Recycle Bin, Documents, Pictures, and other directories. However, you don’t need to include them if do not want them listed on your menu.


One of the great things concerning the Quick Access Popup 11.5.10 Crack Download is that it’s so quiet and light that you won’t be aware that it’s running. We mean that it doesn’t consume many of the resources of your computer.

It is vital to keep your computer running at a high-speed computer and ensure that your workflow runs as swiftly as possible.


Quick Access Popup 11.5.10 Free Download is a well-known program that can help you make time-saving changes by putting all the most frequently used folders and files into an easily well-organized menu.

You can add customizations and customizations to this menu with one mouse click. This lets you access these files quickly. Create customized shortcuts for the most frequently used destinations on your PC, such as locations and folders, applications weblinks, as well as other files that reside on your PC.

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Technical details

  • Latest version: Quick Access Popup 11.5.10
  • File name: quickaccesspopup-setup.exe
  • MD5 checksum: 39DBBB2C5886F8203447D8E4B399677D
  • File size: 4.21 MB
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
  • Author: Jean Lalonde

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Quick Access Popup 11.5.10 Free Download New Version

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