NFOPad 1.80 Free Download for Windows 11, 10 and 7

7NFOPad 1.80 Free Download for Windows 11

NFOPad 1.80 Free Download is the NFO viewer that lets you read and edit the text within NFO files. It also supports ASCII and ANSI character schemes, so you’ll be able to edit them regardless of what language and keyboard you’re using.

If you’re in search of an easy but comprehensive NFO tool that can assist you in opening and editing the files, then utilize NFOPad 1.80 Crack.

It’s an application similar to Notepad however it comes with many other tools that allow you to edit NFO files, TXT, and DIZ files quickly.

It is available for download at no cost and use it for your professional or personal use.

Simple Interface and Easy to Use

NFOPad 1.80 Crack Download is designed to be used by those who are regular users of computers. It comes with a minimalist interface and an easy-to-use window that allows users to upload files via the application’s file browser.

You can accomplish this by simply dropping and dragging the files you wish to view and open in this application. You can then begin making edits.

You’ll have a few basic editing options and features included with NFOPad 1.80. You will be able to view all the editing options in the middle of the window.

A few of the most important and basic editing tools are undoing cutting, cutting, copying, and pasting, eliminating lines, changing the case, and searching documents using the search feature.

Configure Font and Advanced Editing

Alongside being a user-friendly tool This tool also has a lot that it can offer. In terms of options, it’s more sophisticated than Notepad for instance. Of course, you’ll be able to edit your text and documents with the easy editing tools accessible within the interface.

You’ll also be able to use an array of editing options you won’t see in other editors.

You can, for instance, move to the desired line within the document with one click. Also, you can see the time and date and then select the text you wish to edit.

It is also possible to use Word Wrap Mode, and then use the automatic window widths in order to make things as simple as possible.

There are also more advanced features and settings you can make use of with NFOPad 1.80. For instance, you can apply alpha blending and also disable the ability to edit text.

You can choose the text encoder mode and launch web browsers with the program after clicking on an icon. It is possible to send the file using a single click within the client and forward them to email.


NFOPad 1.80 Free Download is a great editing and viewing tool for NFOs that allows you to view files and modify them with ease. It includes all the standard editing tools you’ll need to work with such an application.

It also includes extremely nice advanced features you won’t find within other editor programs like Notepad for instance. This is why it’s a great choice for novices and experienced users who wish to modify NFO documents and utilize advanced options.

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Technical details

  • Latest version: NFOPad 1.80
  • File name: nfopad18.exe
  • MD5 checksum: 16DF01EB2B5FCADCEE5FC57A401BB722
  • File size: 1.44 MB
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
  • Author: True Human Design

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NFOPad 1.80 Free Download for Windows 11, 10 and 7

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