Destroy Windows Spying Free Download Latest Version

Destroy Windows Spying Free Download Latest Version

Increase your privacy when you use Windows 10 by using Destroy Windows Spying Free Download an easy but effective program that allows users to block Windows 10 from tracking your activities.

Windows 10 is known for being a fairly solid system, however, there are concerns about the security and privacy concerns of Windows 10. Certain people don’t wish for the system to be continuously monitoring them especially when playing or opening apps that are first-party like Xbox, Solitaire, Mail, Calendar, and others.

If you’re not willing to divulge any details about yourself, you could look into a tool such as the Destroy Windows spy Crack.

This program will remove the features that are part of Windows 10 that are trying to monitor your activities, including apps as well as some services that could be monitoring you, particularly first-party applications.

Stop Tracking of Windows

If you’re not a fan of it Windows 10 tracks you and your activities all the time The best part about this program is that you can stop it by pressing a single button.

When you click “stop tracking”, you’ll be able to disable any services that track your activity. Windows spying Crack 2023 and other services monitoring your activities.

It can make you feel safer and secure when using Windows especially when you’re worried about Windows constantly monitoring your activities or gathering information on you.

There will be a log file of all apps and services that track you, and you’ll have the ability to block the services that are spying on you when they begin their work immediately.

Remove Apps, Open Hosts File

In DestroyWindows Spying, there are a number of additional options to choose from. For instance you’ll have the option to delete certain applications that aren’t needed like Xbox, Solitaire, Mail, Calendar, and others that may be taking up space unnecessarily.

Additionally, you’ll be able to delete or open the host’s file in case you’d like to apply any modifications to it.


By installing the Destroy Windows Spying Free Download you’ll increase privacy to a greater degree as you’ll get rid of all applications and services that are spying on you.

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Technical details

  • Latest version: Destroy Windows Spying
  • File name: DWS.exe
  • MD5 checksum: BDA293BB20EABD730640994643D20DF3
  • File size: 388.5 KB
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS: Windows 10
  • Author: Nummer

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Destroy Windows Spying Free Download Latest Version

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