Automatic Screenshotter 1.17.2 Free Download for Windows 11

Automatic Screenshotter 1.17.2 Free Download for Windows 11

Automatic Screenshotter Free Download is a simple program that allows you to create snapshots of your desktop, or you just need to open and select a specific window or program.

Screenshots can be useful for displaying your desktop or accomplishing certain tasks. Screenshots can be used to make how-to guides or to explain a concept on computers.

However, some users employ screenshots to examine their PCs for malware that could be on their computers and see the possibility of any unusual happenings.

With Automated Screenshot 1.17.2, Crackyou’ll be able to take screenshots in a timely manner. It’s a light program that lets you snap snapshots fast without having to be present. It allows you to observe your system as well as your applications, and examine the performance of your applications as well as other files on your PC.

Take Screenshots at Desired Intervals

Automatic Screenshotter 1.17.2 Crack allows you to set up a schedule when it takes pictures. It is possible to create the number of screenshots you want and often as often as you like. You can also choose the windows you would like to record instead of capturing snapshots of your whole screen. This app gives you plenty of flexibility when using this application.

You can schedule intervals of 1-5 or 10 minutes or even an hour. You can also schedule the same every 5-10 seconds, which means you can have complete control over when your pictures are taken.

This is useful since you can’t be sure what time something will occur in your system. The screenshots will be saved in files in either the format of PNG or JPG files.

Works in the Background

Automatic Screenshotter 1.17.2 Free Download is extremely simple to set up and use. It runs behind the scenes, which means it’s minimized into the tray of your system when you don’t use it. It is also possible to start it when you’re required to use it.

There’s a reporting tool that will inform you about the issues through the app and on your computer.


Auto Screenshot is a basic application that allows you to create screenshots on the fly.

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Technical details

  • Latest version: Automatic Screenshot 1.17.2
  • File name: AutomaticScreenshotterSetup.exe
  • MD5 checksum: D4C0EC8AC5C9AFE9ADF41966628B3364
  • File size: 4.35 MB
  • License: Shareware
  • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Download Link: XOutput Free Download

Automatic Screenshotter 1.17.2 Free Download for Windows 11

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