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Trillian 6.5.0 Build 24 Free Download for Windows 7,10 and 11

Trillian 6.5.0 Build 24 Free Download is undoubtedly an easy and reliable all-in-one chat application that comes with the most advanced features for communication that allow users to connect to all the social networks they have. Chatting online is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Numerous apps offer a memorable user experience that lets you chat with all […]

TweetDuck 1.24 Free Download New Version

This is the latest incarnation of TweetDeck 1.24  Free Download. It’s not officially licensed, but it’s extremely effective. It’s an unofficial Twitter client-designed issue of being a desktop-based app that has been discontinued by TweetDeck. So, TweetDuck is an application that is incredibly versatile and provides many of the features that you’ve been used to. […]

Firefly Softphone 3.4.0 Build 8487 Free Download for Windows 11

Firefly 3.4.0 Free Download can be described as an unofficial softphone created by Freshtel to make VoIP calls from one country to the next. Although small and fast and relying on limited hardware resources, the softphone offers several options. Instant messaging and free calls are available in Firefly Free Download right from the beginning without […]

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